Friday, July 10, 2015

Weekly Wrap Up 46

I love the summer! We are so relaxed and don't really have to wake up at any certain time, we can do errands without it messing up the day even run to the Dr for an unexpected issue without any drama! Summer is such a relaxing time for me but I have to say my favorite is Fall and I am patiently awaiting it.

In Our Life This Week:

Zachary has really been into Lego's lately! Do you know how this feels for me? WEIRD! He is 10 and has never ever wanted to play with them. I have bought them and turned around and gave them away many times but for the last 2 weeks he has bought some with his own money and loved playing with them! 

Alexis has had an ear ache and I had to take her to the Dr for it. Tried doing some home remedies but when it comes to my babies pain I will just go to the Dr. She has antibiotics for the first time in years and some ear drops. 

Kyle got some wonderfully exciting news this week, he drives to finish his drivers ed next week! This is the part he has been not so patiently awaiting! He is so so very happy and I think now since he has a date he is scared! Zachary and Lexi are teasing him about wrecking the driver's ed car. Pray for him next week please.

Kyle also finished Biology 101!! This only leaves him having one lesson of math left until August.

Helpful advice or tips:

I wrote this article this week about something that was on my heart, I hope that you take a moment to read it and enjoy it:

The Homeschool Battle

My favorite thing this week...

Was Zachary being so sweet and loving. Monday morning he came to my bed while the house was still quite and not stirring and cuddled up with me and we laughed and enjoyed our sweet time together.

Things I'm working on...

This week I have been working on cleaning and organizing my bedroom. We have let it get piled up with clothing that needed sorted for seasons and just papers over taking the dresser so yesterday hubby came home and said "Wow you have really been cleaning today." I was proud that he could tell the difference because it was a lot of work. It looks like my bedroom once again and a nice, sweet place for my honey and I to relax together.

I've also been working on getting all next years school curriculum together. I have listed a lot of things that have been cleaned out that we will not be using next year.

I worked on several blog posts too! That was a huge undertaking.

Hubby has been working so very hard on finishing the boys rooms downstairs. The sheet-rock has been much cleaner than I expected. The wood for the framing was actually messier. Saturday my dad is coming to help and the plan is to have both rooms completely finished and both closets too! 

I'm cooking...

This week I cooked on the grill several times because the weather was just so hot and plus I love the taste of anything grilled.

Sunday is my momma's birthday and I have cooked several special things for her.

We had some yummy fresh blueberries given to us from some church members and we are finally getting some blackberries off our vines so we had lots of smoothies this week! We added some strawberries that we had frozen and the kids enjoyed them greatly.

I hope you have a wonderful week!

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