Friday, August 7, 2015

Weekly Wrap Up 50

This week has been relaxed and I am so thankful for it.

This week we have been still working in the basement. The 2 bedrooms are complete all but having all the sheet-rock finished. We have completely finished the closets and are working on the steps and the wall down the steps now! 

Next week my project is to recover my dining room chairs! They need it badly. Same color just better fabric because after a year of crappy fabric they look horrid. Lesson learned, pay for the better fabric the first time but anyway I got what I could afford at the time.

Homeschooling hasn't happened because we are on break and our new school year will start August 17th. 

Although Zachary and I have worked on reading/spelling every day for at least 25 minutes every day. We are starting back on our brain training schedule too. 6 months ago when we started tutoring for Dyslexia we stopped that because I didn't want to have to much going on, now since the tutoring has stopped because insurance will not cover it any longer and I can not afford it, we have started back with All About Spelling and brain training.  He is doing really good with us re-working our way through All About Spelling so much so that we only have 3 lessons left. We started 6 weeks ago and have chugged our way right through. It has been hard but 6 weeks compared to our first time of a year and 5 months is a great improvement! Very proud of all his hard work. I know that it will pay off.

Our foster child starts kindergarten the last week of August so we are preparing for that and hoping all the preparation we have given helps. I am nervous about this transition and about how he will handle everything.

The kids have played a lot of board games this week and Lexi worked on a 1,000 piece puzzle all week and finished it today!

I cooked a new dish this week and it was wonderful, Crock Pot Italian Chicken, recipe coming soon!

I'm grateful for my husband this week. When everyone else lets me down and I can't trust, rely or tolerate friends or family my husband is always there to make up for their slack and unconcern. The love I had for him 17 years ago when we first started dating holds nothing to the way I love him now.

Right now I am praying for a friends family (they foster) and their life is getting ready to change and be heartbroken because of it. I am praying for our families direction. Satan is fighting me spiritually right now and I am unsure why but I feel it and I know it is here and I am honestly praying for clarity and for myself. I am praying for a great homeschool year as we venture into higher grades with more demands on the kids and I have been praying for our foster son's future and his family. Please join me in praying for these as well.

This week Kyle got a new watch, Lexi a new shirt and all a fast food meal.  Zachary didn't really get anything special this week besides all of them getting their allowance, he got a very expensive gift a few weeks ago (remote control dump truck). I bought hubby a new tool and we were both thrilled about it! With all the work on the basement we needed a hammer drill and I found a reconditioned Bosch for a heck of a deal! Saved over $150!! It came yesterday and we are trying that baby out tonight.

I really have been looking at getting my Orton-Gillingham certification but man oh man at the price of that! 

Kevin starts back to school in 2 weeks and this is the final quarter for his associates degree in Christian Theology! Way to go babe!

Speaking of that guess what hubby had the privilege of doing Sunday? 

He got to baptize Lexi!!  

Our week has been full of a lot of stuff but the weekend is here and I am thankful for down time with my husband.

Enjoy your week friends.

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