Wednesday, September 2, 2015

New Journey - Soy Candles

I started making soy candles back in 2007. I took a very long break (4 years) because of hubby going back to school and then we moved. Now I am so happy to report that I am back at it! 

I love making soy candles! They are much healthier than others and I just love burning candles. It also is my favorite time of year - Fall and that is the perfect candle burning time!

Here are some Soy Candle Facts: 
Burning Soy Candles Support The American Farmer, soy beans are grown in the USA!
Soy wax burns 30-40 times longer than paraffin. 
Soy wax burns cleaner than petroleum based wax candles, producing little to no soot. 
Soy is non-toxic. 
Soy is water soluble, cleans up with warm soapy water. 
Soy wax is biodegradable. 
Soy is a renewable source, paraffin is limited. 
Soy wax contains no animal fats. 

Sounds wonderful doesn't it? 

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