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Super Teacher Worksheets { Review }

Super Teacher Worksheets Review

Review item up for today is Super Teacher Worksheets  .

My family received an Individual Membership, the membership lasts for one entire year - yes 365 days and the total cost is only $19.95 for the entire year!

I used this actually with all three of my children ages 10, 12 and 15. Super Teacher Worksheets has a wide variety of topics to choose from - over 10,000 activities!

I was so shocked at the amount of variety on this site first, secondly all I could do was dig in and find items to start printing off for reviewing all our skills since we had took a break for an entire month before getting our new school year started.

The website is very user friendly. I am very happy with each element of my profile that I could add to and navigating around the site has been very easy as well.

Here is how you get started:

You log in after you set up your account.
Choose what topic and area you need.
You can also just add the items to your file cabinet to access later.
Then simply print the worksheet out.
You have the option to print the answer key to all the worksheets as well. I actually didn't do this the majority of the time.

I found it easiest to add all the items I was interested in printing to my file cabinet and then go into my file to access all of them and print from that page. 

We used many different topics through out the review period; map skills, comprehension, fraction review, multiplication drills, word searches and so much more. 

My kids loved using these worksheets. Since it was the beginning of our school year when we actually started using the worksheets we mainly have used them as drills first thing in the mornings to really get our brain to working. 

I normally print our worksheets on Saturday or Sunday for the following week. My oldest child has only had a few pages because he is 15 there isn't much content for him, however, for my smaller two kids there is a lot of stuff to choose from because the site is mainly geared for the elementary age! 

I have been printing off anywhere from 2 to 4 pages each morning for both of them. We start our day with the worksheets then move on to our normal routine.

I actually loved them too! I love using worksheets to drill facts or information because normally it doesn't take but a few minutes to get a good worksheet complete and you have really used your brain to get it workin in a very short amount of time.

Overall, I believe this is one of the best websites I have be introduced too! The site has so much to choose from and they cover every topic you could think of for an elementary level and there isn't just worksheets - they have GAMES too! 

The value of the yearly price is very reasonable for all the resources you have access too.

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Super Teacher Worksheets Review

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