Sunday, September 27, 2015

Weekly Wrap Up 6

This was once again a week that just didn't go as planned. It kills me to have these weeks. I can't tolerate the routine break and the feeling that I have no control over my schedule or day. 

This week had a lot of meetings for our foster son 4 out of 5 days included me having to be somewhere for him. Foster parenting is exhausting, period. I remember that God lead us to this and I am praying for the strength to continue in this journey to help these children.  

Zachary finished up a Social Studies comprehension book from The Mailbox that we started around January. We loved them with our older two children and figured it was time to break them out for Zac, he really has enjoyed them. Toward the end he was able to read a lot of the paragraph all by himself and that was huge!

Lexi is really learning a lot of skills drawing and sketching this year. I am very happy with her progress. Yes most of her pictures are of horses but I don't mind.

Kyle is really loving his hands on science this year. He completed another project for this week which was a "smart bot." He had to wire all the fittings and electronics and then put the case on so it could work and roll around the house. He did well and got it to work great! 

Thursday and Friday my guys left for a trip with Papaw. They headed for Illinois to pack up some tree stands and cameras from the deer hunting land. They had fun having quality time with him.

Alexis and I took advantage of the alone time too. Thursday we took a road trip to Knoxville, TN to get a large candle supply order then Friday we took off and shopped for clothes at her favorite store!

I didn't get to walk at all this week because of weather and crazy schedule I really let myself down because I could of worked out inside but just didn't. Must do better this week!

I made a lot of candles this week so we could get our candle store on Etsy restocked as much as possible. Please check out our shop Simply Pure Soy Candles.


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