Monday, October 26, 2015

Fostering & Your Family

I haven't wrote a lot about our foster journey simply because it has been very hard.

I haven't known what was alright to share and what wasn't. 

I want to shine only God's love and greatness for this calling and I guess I am afraid I will bring shame or displeasing by sharing thoughts about it.

Fact of the matter is this Fostering stuff is H A R D. 

I have raised 3 children and been married for 15 years and you would think I would have been prepared for what God was sending my way. 


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This child is a lovely child after God's own heart and after everyone's blessings but he has a dark side too. 

It has been hard on my family. One of my children has had it worse than the others. The one child has asked us to stop this and said they didn't like him too. 

I believe God called my family to do this very hard task for many reasons but the one reason I remind myself of daily and my children on a hard day is that when we want to stop what if Jesus wanted to stop too? 

My heart has had so many emotions throughout all of this. I've quit many nights and cried myself to sleep more than I care to admit but every morning I am reminded that God's mercies are new.

Every child is in need and deserves love, a safe home, food and fun. 

I know this child may not stay with us forever and that each child comes with their own challenges but no matter what I hope that I have helped keep this child safe, loved and healthy while with my family. 

If you believe you could shine some of God's love on a helpless child although all that I just said was hard please consider calling your local social services office and asking about information on becoming a foster parent.


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