Sunday, October 4, 2015

Weekly Wrap Up 7

Why oh why do our days go by so fast? 

This week was a good week. We accomplished a lot of tasks with open minds and good spirits, which is my desire every week.

This week was the first week since vacation that we actually schooled all week long. 

The previous week the boys had another trip with Papaw.

This week we worked hard on math, however Kyle is having some learning issues with his Algebra. We are taking extra time and effort in trying to make sure he understands what he is doing and not just working through it. 

Mystery of History was a favorite this week too. I love that curriculum because you see I learn as much as they do. I never liked history in school. We learned about who the Jews call the first president and why they also thought he was the Messiah, very interested lesson. 

Kyle has really been loving his hands on approach to science and robotics this year so far. I am just a little concerned that I will run out of projects for him. 

Lexi was my kitchen helper this week, we cooked a lot of yummy food together. I am so happy she is finally taking an interest without me having to ask.

We had a very hard week with our foster son, I pray that the next week is better. If not I am not sure how much more my family can take.

Almost forgot to tell about our awesome drawing art project we completed. The first day of October I decided it had been too long since doing our art lessons, so I searched my Pinterest board very fast and grabbed cardstock, markers, pencils and some glitter. The next thing I knew we all had Witch Hats! It was simple and fun. I think they all turned out very cute.

I also had a huge victory this week! My diet has been here and there because it is more of a lifestyle change really. We started it many months ago and have slowly progressed but the last 5 weeks I have really kicked it up. I have been working out and walking at least 30 minutes 5 days a week along with trying to eliminate all sugars, breads and pastas from my daily diet. Guess what this girl did for the first time since I birthed my first child?? I bought regular size pants! No longer do I need to purchase from the plus side! Nor do I need XXL shirts!! A simple XL or some L are working very good. 

Last but not least, I ask  you to remember my families path in your prayers.


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