Friday, October 9, 2015

Weekly Wrap Up 8

I can't believe we have already schooled 8 weeks of this year. It has been really good so far and I am so trying to keep it that way. 

Ya know this week I have thought alot about homeschooling and just how lucky we are to do it. I love the freedom that it gives us and the memories that tag along.

This week we completed a lot and I mean a lot of hands on science for our homeschool coop that I am teaching of course someone had to try the experiments out before I got to class Monday right? Then we had several come up in our normal curriculum with all 3 kids. 

Some of the experiments we done:
Potato Clock was done Tuesday and you know that sucker still has power today! We are seeing how long it lasts and then we will test again with another fruit or veggie to see which has the most energy.
Fireworks in a Jar, Volcano, Salt Cavern Formations and Leak Proof bag. My kids loved them and I am happy to say I did too! See I have a secret, I have a love/hate relationship with science.

My two smaller children are really going at a fast pace through the math curriculum we changed to the first week of school! They love it and are racing to catch up to things that stump them. 

Kyle is doing much better in his Math U See Algebra, we took a week and reviewed a lot to make sure he was understanding everything that was expected and went over a lot of the rules and exceptions so he would totally understand for moving forward.

He is also learning to compose reports and writing on the computer now. This is pretty big because he has never had the interest so I am making him at this point.  

This week we had revival from Sunday to Wednesday nights. 

Foster son had a challenging week with lots of prayers sent up for all involved. This sure is getting harder and harder. You would think after 9 months it would be getting easier... Nope.

Candle orders are still pouring in and I am so thankful. I love making soy candles and I have been so blessed to start up again.

Hubby and I are having date night tonight and I am very excited about it. I love our together time without any children however I usually feel guilty for the 2 to 3 hours of time we are alone but hubby and I need that time.

Kevin preaches for the next 2 weekends and I always love watching him prepare and it delights my heart to pray for him during this time.

Wednesday we took a small break from school and enjoyed some time shopping and playing around town. I love those quite moments with my babies. 

I hope you had a wonderful week. God bless you friends.


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