Monday, November 9, 2015

US History Detective { Review }

Today I get to tell you about a product from The Critical Thinking Co. : U.S. History Detective Book One (Colonial Era to Reconstruction Era) that my oldest son has been reviewing for several weeks.

This awesome book retails for $39.99.

First off The Critical Thinking Co is a wonderful company that prides itself on providing teachers with quality items that are going to require thinking skills and aim at developing critical thinking. If you have never seen the wonderful items they carry please take a few minutes to check them out!

U. S. History Detective Book One covers the from the Colonial Era to the Reconstruction Era in our history. This book is a great big book with 330 pages.

This one book has everything needed: student passages, questions, quizzes and the answers.

We are using this as a stand-alone curriculum however it could totally be altered if that isn't your purpose. You could easily use this as a review component.

U.S. History Detective is different than most other books because this one requires critical thinking skills throughout the lessons. In each lesson of questions the student is asked to give where the answers can be explained by simple sentence numbers.

My son is 15 and loves history. He did find the sentences being numbered odd at first but soon after I helped him through the first lesson he understood what it was asking and has done great providing that information since.

The lessons are very easy to follow and go a little like this:

The student has a passage to read. Normally this is all I require of my son for one day. I want him to understand everything within it and not pressure him.

Next the lesson is followed by questions for the child to answer. Most are multiple choice followed by some short answer questions but they always finish with a short essay question.

The lesson is complete at this point.

There are test/reviews throughout the book at certain points.

I personally have loved the maps that are provided in the book for the lessons.

There are also neat pictures of the person or documents etc in the lesson too.

We have normally been able to complete 2 lessons a week.

My son uses this as an independent study.

He doesn't need my help at all throughout the lessons.

I simply grade it and go back over if he has missed anything.


I personally love that this book is very self-teaching.

I like that all components are within one book too.

I feel the book is very through as well.

My son loves this book. When asked what he thought I should write about this as a review his response was " Mom, just tell them this book is awesome and it's my favorite book to complete each day." Great words from a 15 year old.

He really does enjoy this book. He loves all things history and I am glad that this covers content so easily for him. He is not a reader, he just has never enjoyed it however he loves to read these short passages for each lesson.

If you have a history lover like mine you should check into U.S. History Detective today!

I also believe my son would love the World History Detective they offer! Maybe once he completes this one.


Gonna be honest, this is my last review for The Schoolhouse Review Crew. The crew has blessed me greatly and I just want to thank those who have given the products to the crew and those that have read our reviews. Being a member of the crew the last 5 years has been a wonderful blessing.


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