Saturday, November 14, 2015

Weekly Wrap Up (9,10,11,12 & 13) LOL

Ok, so I have totally neglected writing about how our week has went. My Fridays are full throttle, Saturdays are too and then we get to Sunday and I am finally able to rest and I do not touch the computer at all normally. 

So I haven't completed a weekly wrap up in 5 weeks! Yikes.

Here goes so hold on.

We have been busy, very, very  busy. Homeschoolers have things to do - right?

Coop finished and my children loved it because this Fall's theme was Hands On Science. I posted some of the experiments that we had tried in the class I taught a few weeks ago. 

The weather has been nasty but finally we saw the SUN SHINE again! My children have enjoyed playing outside greatly.

We started practicing for our church Christmas play!

Kyle has completed a long study on World Religions. We are exploring a little deeper into some of them. He has also started getting exposure to writing reports on the computer. He is still doing really well with driving. I do not like allowing him to drive in the rain, going to have to work on that. He also is getting tired of all the hands on science projects/labs that he is doing this year so I told him we could mix it up with some lapbooking or research papers on science topics. The only snag we have hit really is math, Algebra 1 is interesting to say the least. We will get through it.

Alexis completed her Spelling You See book 1 finally! That sucker is big. She loves that set and that makes me happy because it is so much more than spelling or writing! She wanted to buy some paint by number pictures a few weeks ago and I challenged her to take a picture of the ones she wanted and I would buy her canvases if she would try to paint her own! Well she has took the challenge and done wonderful with it! I am so happy and proud of her. She is going to get some supplies for Christmas.

Zachary has hit another hard spell with his reading. I tell ya dyslexia sucks! Little man has worked so hard and as a mother it is so difficult to watch them struggle when you see the effort they are trying their best to put forth. One day last week we had a really hard day, nothing was coming together and before I could say we need to stop the tears started. Needless to say we stopped, we told jokes and cuddled on the couch and then went out to get pizza for lunch. The highlight of Zachary's year was my dad giving him his own lawn mower and leaf blower last week. OH MY WORD the child has not went a day without using them yet. He has loved every moment of having his own. See my Zachary is a worker and he loves to keep busy.

Overall the only issues lately have been Kyle's math and Zachary's reading snags the last few weeks. 

Foster son has a lot of things going on right now too, I can't talk about them but they have been huge.

Hubby has 2 more weeks before completing his associates Christian Theology degree!! I couldn't be happier for him. He has worked super hard but that does mean he is stopping, As long as the Lord will allow him to go I think he will.

We are getting new chickens. Our other chickens (10) have started having some issues and I can't take it anymore. I do not want to buy store bought eggs and I am tired of feeding chickens that will not produce. I feel like I am going in the hole and we have tired everything. Therefore it is time to move on. We have 30 coming the first week of December.

I've done a ton of canning the last few weeks between deer meat and fresh greens.

I am loving this time of the year, Fall is my favorite! Hope you enjoy the season too.

Happy Homeschooling! 


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