Saturday, November 14, 2015

You Can Only Homeschool If...

Here you will learn the 10 basics of what you have to do in order to homeschool your children: 

1. Mom you must wear a denim jumper. Every day because that is what is expected, right?

2. Parents be prepared because your going to be the only friends your children have. After all you know we keep them locked up.

3. You have super human patience. Unless you have this you will fail miserably. 

4. You have to buy or own a Honda. It is just the rules.

5. Your family must have more than one child because you can't educate just one child at a time. Come on everybody  knows that.

6. Your children must love lego's like it is the only toy in the world.

  7. When your not wearing that denim jumper you have to be in a skirt. Period.

8. You must live on a farm because all homeschoolers must grow/raise their own food. To go buy food at the store is just wrong.

9. You only are allowed to go to the library anywhere else you go will be held against you. Trust me.

10. You can only purchase and teach with Abeka or Bob Jones curriculum. They are the only two publishers that exist.

Hope you enjoyed my worldly view on these topics. 

I don't know about you but I get so sick of what "everyone else thinks" we homeschoolers look like.

Happy Homeschooling.


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