Monday, December 14, 2015

Easy Moon Sand Recipe

This is a very simple and fun recipe that I actually let my kiddos make all by themselves.

You need:
Baby Oil

Mix 8 cups of flour together with 1 cup of baby oil.

You have to mix for a few minutes to get the oil and flour combined but it will still look like flour however it will hold its shape for you now. 

{ A funny here - We did try to dye it however we had no success with food coloring }

Now time to play! 

My children love the moon sand that you buy in the store however the amount that you get is very small with a very large price for the amount in my opinion.

With making your own moon sand you get the cost effective side and your able to make as much as you want for the needs of your children.

For instance, my son loves to play with his tractors and dump trucks in his while my daughter is playing with cookie cutters or has horses running through it! 

There is something here than anyone could love. 

My children have commented how nice their hands smell after play too! 

Enjoy making something that is fun for your children and saving money while at it! 


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