Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Our Favorite Christmas Movies

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The month of December is a magical one - isn't it? It is cold outside, the pace of your everyday life has slowed down (that is unless you have get together after get together).

My family loves to sit down after supper and watch Christmas movies. I love to snuggle with my guys and drink hot chocolate and eat popcorn.

Family traditions are my favorite, I mean I am nothing if not traditional.

So here are some of our all time favorite movies for Christmas. My household voted on which ones to include and they are recommended by 10,12 and 15 year old.

We hope you enjoy our list!

The Grinch is an all-time favorite and you couldn’t possibly go wrong with it! Hilarious.


There is this wonderful collection of all the older movies that are my children’s favorites. We own this and I think this year we may have to buy a new disc, ours is wore out.

Charlie Brown's Christmas another true classic.

Home Alone Collection is a classic too, my children actually watch this all year long - lol.

The Nativity Story is beautiful and a wonderful redirect back to our Lord and Savior.

Christmas Shoes is a tear jerker but is a wonderful movie. We own this collection and all of the movies are very wholesome and great family faith movies.

The Polar Express (my personal favorite). I love this movie and I am 33 years old.

 The Santa Clause Collection - My children love these! Tim Allen is just perfect in these movie. They are funny and keep my children's attention.

Here at The Arrowood Zoo we are celebrating Christmas ideas all week long! 

5 Days of Christmas!

Day 1: Boys Christmas Guide



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