Thursday, December 29, 2016

Christmas Cross Country Trip 2016

We have wanted for years to take a trip during Christmas. For years we just didn't have the availability but this year with no foster children and my family moving we decided it was totally time to seize the day and go! Actually we seized 13 days! 

We headed out from NC to cross the country. Our main stay was in Phoenix, AZ we had rented a condo for the week there. It was a wonderful place to stay and honestly we made so many day trips we really basically just slept there besides Friday when we didn't go anywhere but rest and swim!

Once in Texas we stopped and looked around! We enjoyed the JFK memorial and enjoyed looking around at such a historic place.

While leaving Dallas there was a sign for Waco and my darling daughter pointed out that hey we could go see Chip and Jo!! I am so glad she said that because it was a great side trip and we was passing by! I loved it there and did buy somethings with my Christmas money!

 See the village in the side of the mtn?

 Red Rock

 This was Zachary's favorite stop of the trip, he loved it here!

 Ruins from a local tribe.

 My personal favorite of the trip! I loved this park!


 My pictures do no justice, the beauty to all this area is just not able to be captured with cameras!

 The sand dunes where HUGE in California. 

 FINALLY AT THE PACIFIC OCEAN! This is a huge bucket list item for me! I have always dreamed of going to the west cost. San Diego didn't disappoint. We did enjoy some of the water but it was cold but hello it is December.

While in San Diego my dad told us to go to Kansas City BBQ and guess what we did. We enjoyed our food but really enjoyed all the memorabilia from Top Gun.

 Next day, huge for Kyle, it was his favorite of the trip. Hoover Dam and Vegas!

We finally enjoyed the pool!

So December proved to be a huge travel month for our family. Just in December we covered 12 states!

On the way home we hit White Sands, man oh man I am so glad we didn't rush to get home and did stop here. We spent almost 2 and a half hours here. It was 68 degrees and the experience was so awesome.

Christmas Morning!! We decided since we had bad weather trailing and we really wanted to get home to not sleep at all and take shifts driving through the night... The kids did sleep but not great however Kevin and I was simply miserable lol. I've never not been home on Christmas and it was very odd but oh the memories we made.

About 3pm Christmas day we hit the NC line!!

Then around 9 the kids wanted to open the gifts they had gotten us and each other.

 Kyle and Zachary had been wanting boxing gloves so Kyle bought that for Zachary's Christmas gift... I only see trouble coming from this but whatever... They are old enough to stop if they get hurt.

I hope your family had a wonderful Christmas!!
My family sure did.