Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Mystery Of History Coloring Pages {Review}

Mystery of History is a favorite curriculum in our home.

We are currently on volume 2.

Last year we worked our way through volume 1 with many supplements however this year we decided that we only wanted to use the coloring pages and the mp3 download.

First I want to let you know that I bought these coloring pages and am just reviewing and talking about them because I love them and my children are enjoying them. I love promoting items that are working well for my family and that are great resources so that other mama's can use them too!

Volume 2’s coloring pages are entirely different than volume 1’s. My children prefer volume 2 much more and I have to agree! I loved the layout so much better that I am hoping the rest of the sets we come to are similar to volume 2.

Mystery of History is a wonderful history curriculum. If you’re not happy with what your using - look no further.

I love that all my children can come together and learn the same topics at different levels if needed. 

I love that it saves me time and helps me keep some sanity by teaching all 3 at one time.

I love that MOH (short for Mystery of History) incorporates teachings throughout each time period back to Jesus, my Lord and Savior. 

Some details about the coloring pages:

You get the entire year’s coloring pages for only $14.95.

The coloring sheets are black and white so it saves you money when printing out from your printer.

One sheet holds the entire week’s lessons, which are 3 different stories.   

My family completes one coloring sheet (3 different small pictures) each week. 

This is one area that is different than last years volume 1. Last year we had one page for each story so we had 3 pages each week and by the end of the year our binders where over flowing.

Also the sizes of the pictures to color are smaller than Volume 1, however it doesn’t mean less detail is given! 

My children love looking at the week’s sheet and trying to guess what we are learning about before each lesson!

How do we use these?

As I mentioned earlier I also have the mp3 download and that reads the stories to us. This has been a personal favorite for me every year. Her voice is so much more pleasant than mine (LOL). Honestly it is easier for me too, so while we are listening to our lessons we simply color the picture that go with the lesson. 

I haven’t found that my children have a problem listening and coloring and I was actually concerned with one child last year but his skills have improved and no issues occurred.

If you use MOH and haven’t tried the coloring pages I encourage you too! Your children will enjoy the extra creativity they are allowed to express while you’re teaching them history.


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