Thursday, January 14, 2016

The Pencil Grip, Inc { Review }

A few weeks before Christmas I was contacted by The Pencil Grip, Inc to see if I would be interested in reviewing a new product for them.

After looking over the product I knew for sure we would love to try it out.

Kwik Stix Tempera Paint Sticks arrived the week before Christmas however we where on break so I hid them away until we started school back for a nice surprise!

There are a few different option when looking to purchase these:

6 Pack, 12 Pack or the 96 pack.

We received the 12 pack valued at $11.95.

My kiddos have really enjoyed using these paint sticks.

They are so simple to use.

Pull out of package.

Remove the lid.

Put the stick on paper. They remind me of a glue stick but they paint!

Draw with the stick and enjoy making a beautiful masterpiece.

The best part - NO MESS. NONE AT ALL.

No water to worry about either.

You don't have to prepare the surface or the kids before using these like normal tempera paint.

Man I wish I would have had these a few years ago when my children where smaller! 

I would love to post some pictures of my foster son using these, he is 5 but by law I can't. My other children are 11 and 13 and loved using them.

My kids couldn't believe how fast they dried. So they actually didn't mess up any drawing they made because it dried to the touch so fast before starting another piece of the picture.

Not only did they graciously send me the 12 pack Kwik Stix but I was blessed with 2 Pencil Grips too!

They have several different grips to help with different problems the child may be having.

We received the Original Pencil Grip $1.79 and the Pinch Grip $1.79.

The Original Pencil Grip helps with training the child to use the right position when holding a pencil. Also it helps the bad habits from taking over during writing too.

The Pinch Grip, I immediately gave to my youngest son. It is gentle for proper placement of your fingers and it is very comfortable while being able to maintain control. My youngest son has really enjoyed using this and loves that it feels so good on his fingers.

They also offer a Crossover design for correct positions and to help stop fingers from crossing over top of each other and also the Jumbo Grip which is 40% larger!

All grips are latex free!

All grips can be used regardless if you are a lefty or righty! 

Find them on Facebook at The Pencil Grip, Inc


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