Friday, January 8, 2016

Weekly Wrap Up #17

Wonderful first week back at schooling. I tell ya each year I find more and more reasons to love what I do. Homeschooling is awesome.

We started back Monday for the first time in 2 weeks. 

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season.

We celebrated a birthday Monday. My baby - yes baby - turned 11. I can't believe how fast time goes by and looking at him I am just in ahh of how awesome God has blessed me as a mother.

This week was all about getting back in routine.

I think I took it pretty easy on them this week because they where finished most days by 11:30. 


We had really great attitudes together getting started back, this is always one area I worry about.

Bed time being enforced was the only part that I heard sighs and puffs... 

Game day rules where back in effect too but honestly I loved how when Wednesday rolled around they were outside playing instead.

Zachary finished his Wordly Wise Workbook B yesterday. He only took 2 months to complete this workbook. Next week I will order the next one and we will move on.

Kyle is struggling big time with Algebra. I stink at it and can offer no help. I have even watched the videos. I think I've cried more than him. Hubby is awesome at it however he is at work and his hours do not really allow for time to come home and teach. I am unsure of what we are going to do at this point but I am praying that the Lord would show me a different view. Looking into Life of Fred books at a high school level to see if that would work better but just pray about it please with me.

He stole my sugar-free homemade ketchup.

Alexis worked on her first report this week! She did great. She is my perfectionist and had a huge panic attack over me talking to her about "indenting" the paragraphs. After she wrote the first one I told her to come talk to me and I would show her all her drama was for nothing... Mama was right, she actually laughed and said "that's it?" - YEP!

Foster son has had a horrid week back at school. Bless his autistic heart. We knew the routine would take a week or so to get back into, so yesterday went a lot better for him and the teachers.

Overall wonderful first week back.

Hope your homeschooling went as well as ours did.

Happy Homeschooling!


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