Friday, January 22, 2016

Weekly Wrap Up 19

School has been going wonderful. 

We have also had a birthday!! 

Hubby got our Valentine gift - Tim Hawkins tickets!! OH HOW FUN! I AM SO EXCITED!

My oldest two have been working very independent the last year or so but I've really pushed a lot to get them almost 90% independent at this point. My smallest is the only place I spend a lot of time teaching anymore.

We are still doing History together and Science but that is all.

I love the freedom that I have worked all these years for! It's exciting and scary all the same.

Life has presented some wonderful opportunities for my family. We should know more next week. I can't say much just because of what it is about but friends pray for my family.

Foster son may become adopted son soon. Prayers for that too!

Snow - You got any? We do! BOO!

God has a sense of humor - Want to know why?

My birthday was Wednesday and guess what I got for my present? SNOW. I HATE HATE HATE SNOW!


At this point I'm just blessed with another day and to be healthy! I'll take it.

Happy Homeschooling ~ Enjoy your weekend!


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