Monday, April 11, 2016

Getting Back At It

We took a 2 week break and I mean a break. We hardly used internet and TV. Weather was perfect and hubby was off the first week and it was just dreamy.

Started out with a great mini vacation at Great Wolf Lodge. We love going there overnight and if your a homeschooler you can use the homeschool discount and it normally out weighs any other discount.

We enjoyed some decor shopping for the house because I sold almost every piece of furniture we owned so I could buy some older pieces and restore. Yes hubby let me do it. We also tore down 4 yes 4 walls and opened up our kitchen to a very open floor plan. I walk in the door and can see through the entire living space now. I LoVe It! 

I've repainted and redesigned Lexi's room and the spare bedroom and they turned out perfect. 

Then disaster hit - we got the stomach bug! 4 out of 6 was down for the count including me! It was horrible but thankfully it only lasted for about 24 hours each person. 

Then my allergies kicked in fully. I have suffered terribly for almost 2 weeks. 

Last week we had our annual testing given that is required by our state. We use the Woodcock-Johnson test given by an administrator and love it. This is the 3rd year we have done it. 

I am happy to report that Zachary jumped 2 and a half grade levels in reading/language skills! This is huge improvement within a year for a dyslexic!! I just was so happy I cried with him in my arms praising God for the goals that had been reached. What I loved was the administrator of the test knew our struggles and had talked with me through out the year about them and she was just so happy for us too! 

Each of my children improved greatly, I actually joked about why would I even school my older two anymore lol... I may just give them books from here on out. (maybe)

Other than that we are trying to get back in to the routine of schoolwork, shooting practice, baseball and just life. 

Fostering has been very hard the last few months. We are letting our current foster son that has been with us for over 14 months go to a new home. We have prayed and had this situation covered in so many prayers that God just worked everything out because he is actually not just going to any home - he is going to his FOREVER HOME. PRAISE GOD and I give him all the glory in working things out. I ask for prayers for this because this will be hard on all sides. He is severely autistic and will need prayers while we work on transition.


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