Friday, April 15, 2016

Weekly Wrap Up 30

We are finishing so much of our planned course work and it delights my children to no end. You see we are year round homeschoolers but several years ago when they got older we agreed that any workbook or curriculum that was completed after February wouldn't be replaced. They hold me to that rule even when I try to bend it some. You see after the curriculum is finished up for the year they get to do fun learning, independent learning or if you dare say UNSCHOOLING. We use lapbooks, notebooking, movies and reading as our main learning tools to fill in those "gaps".

This week Lexi finished up Spelling You See F. She has really loved that item. It has taught her some awesome facts about ancient history and what girl doesn't like to write?  She is doing beautiful on her piano playing. She has a beautiful piece she is learning for recital. Some days I just sit back and look stare at the beautiful woman she is becoming. It delights my heart but at the same time hurts too. I pray for her protection so much.

This week I have really praised God a lot for allowing my family to homeschool. We are working on year 12 in August!! I just can't believe how we got started and that I stayed the course and started homeschooling my other babies too. God is so good and he is so faithful even when we are not. I am proud to homeschool my children and am so thankful to God and my husband for this path we were pushed down. 

Kyle is helping prepare Zachary for baseball. They have been learning the new signs and rules for the season. I love when they work together. Kyle has been helping every practice and game.

Kyle finished up US History Detective this week too! He loved that curriculum and actually asked if there was another book. I hadn't planned on getting him the second one but may just have to find space for it next year. I am battling a lot of feelings with enrolling him for dual enrollment at the college this fall. I have been praying about it and guess I will keep on doing just that until I feel comfortable with the decision.

Zachary is doing so great with reading we only have 11 more lessons left!! He is so excited. We have worked super hard on this and it sure showed on his annual testing this year. He has been helping get the garden area clear and ready for planting which is I think one of his favorite things to help with this time of year. His baseball team is doing really well too. He is pitching again this year and although it scares me to death it delights his heart.

Overall our family has gotten back into a normal routine from our break and our foster son leaving. I can't believe he is gone, it has been a hard adjustment although it was one that was needed. After 14 months you love a child, care for them and you totally have an empty spot. He did go to his forever home and that is what it all was about. God timed everything just right. 

We are still trying to finish several projects and I can't wait to post finished pictures!

I have been planning for next year - Have you?

Happy Homeschooling.


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