Thursday, April 7, 2016

Wordless(Wordy) Wednesday Week 29

A lot has been going on so here is a huge catch up on our life in pictures... 

 I'm in love with these longer days.

 What in the world will I do when he is to old to bring me flowers?

Working on finishing the mess we created when we knocked out 4 walls. We added an island and it opened up the entire space so much we just love it.

 I took an old dresser and flipped it into a TV stand.

Lexi making some brownies for a fundraiser at church.
Your never gonna be to big for some daddy loving.
Kyle participated in his first 4-H shooting tournament and done very well.
After Christmas and the New Year we decided to start digging deep into learning about our body.

 An Easter Art Project that turned out beautiful.

 Who doesn't love Little Critter?

We tried the shaving cream method for dying eggs this year, we didn't like the way it turned out. We will discuss different options next year.

During a very hard day last Friday, Kyle tried to make me feel better and it was so sweet. He said "Mom, here is my heart just for you."
Gardening time is upon us and I just normally grin and bare it... You see my husband with the encouragement of two of our kiddos go a LOT overboard.

 Well our oldest has his first job and with that comes money. I want him to know how to deal with it so we have talked a lot about a system similar to the Dave Ramsey system and agreed upon this. 

 Mixed Numbers!! Math woes...

Happy Homeschooling Guys!


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