Thursday, May 26, 2016

Wordless/Wordy Wednesday Week 36

I have several family members that are in law enforcement and I thought it would be great since this week was to honor them if we made treat bags. My cousin is a State Trooper and we made bags and wrote notes just for them to feel special. So many people think they are the bad guys but they are the ones paid to protect us. Please treat them that way.

A flat tire was not in my plan for this week but guess what... My plans rarely go as planned. I have to say I was super proud of my oldest son Kyle for changing the entire tire to the spare all by himself. It makes me proud that he is able to do this skill by himself.

I can't tell you how needed a getaway was for us, although it was a short and sweet stay it was wonderful.
My soul always longs to be at the ocean, just hearing the waves can take me away. God created some wonderfully beautiful things but the ocean/beach has to be the most beautiful to me.

My mom hitched a ride with us and was enjoying some nap time on the way back.

 Walking buddies for the week.

Hope you have a wonderful week! 
Have you took a vacation recently?


Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Wordless Wednesday Week 35

Yummy Fruit Pizza!

 Kevin was ordained Sunday!! Woohoo, Praise God!


Monday, May 16, 2016

Planning Your Children's Homeschool Day

As my children have gotten older I have learned different ways to help make it easier all around.

After all I am only one person to my three children.

I am often spread very thin.

Several years ago my oldest son, I think he was about 10 at the time approached us about giving him all his work load for the week and allowing him to complete it on his own time. While I had reservations about it, my husband told me to try it. I gathered a notebook and folder and started working on what his work load would be for the following week.

We tried this for a few weeks and found that he was still to young to get his entire work load complete on time by himself. Responsibility isn't his strong area however he was 10 too.

Fast forward a few years and I have 3 children that last year asked for the same thing again... However this time I was triple teamed!

I honestly thought it was time to try again. My days were being long and frustrating and over all I was just tired.

I prayed over the issue and asked the kids what they expected. Overall they just wanted a checklist of what was expected daily. WOOHOO - They do have my DNA after all!

That was the wonderful day that I started using just a cheap .20cent spiral bound notebook to plan my kiddos school days!

I buy several each year when they are on sale knowing the purpose is to write daily what is expected for my children's school.

The concept is the same but different for each child because of the ages.

My children love this. I love this!

It keeps them accountable for what is expected.

I sit down on Saturday at some point and do a weekly plan for each child. I write one day on each page for my smallest one but the olders have the entire week broke down daily on one page.

I am so happy we figured out a way to simplify our homeschooling. It is easier for me to plan and it's a very cheap way to keep independence going.

If your struggling to keep your sanity and have multiple children your teaching you should give this idea a try to see if it could help the direction of your homeschool.

Happy Homeschooling Friends.


Friday, May 13, 2016

Weekly Wrap Up 34

This week has been nice. For the last few weeks I have not had all the kiddos home at one point and time and I told them no more running for the next few weeks. 
Ya know that makes me mean - right?

Schoolwork has gotten very slow. They are each down to just a few pieces of curriculum each day. Each still have math, Bible and writing and a few different things here and there. We are trying to finish MOH 2 by the end of the month. I believe we will make it!! I already have MOH 3 to start in September!

Zachary actually finished Reading Skills 5 & All About Reading Level 2 this week!! HUGE progress and congrats are in order for that. All About Reading has been a struggle but I tell ya he done wonderful! I am so proud of his efforts.

We worked on drawing a lot this week. Each day I had a picture/item for them to draw. They enjoyed this. Next week I believe we may paint.

Ball games are almost finished and although I love baseball season I am so ready for them to be over this year. I need time and quite.

Rough week for emotions. Fostering is hard. It is not for the weak. I pray more for these families and children than I pray for my personal family. I can't stand to see what satan is getting credit for and what he is doing. It really is his job to steal, kill and destroy. Help me pray for these kids and parents that are up against so much evil.

Honestly I have had a hard time adjusting to having a baby too! I mean my baby is 12! Toys all over the house is a huge change but thank God he is giving me grace for that. I may vacuum my floor 20 times a day but that is ok. 

I have had a hard week missing our last placement. If you read my blog you know I had him for 15 months. I miss him terribly but we know that he is doing good most days and that the adoptive family is still happy to have him. Huge praise there.

Mother's Day was awesome and fun while all relaxing. I love my babies and am so thankful God blessed me with 3 of them.

Happy Homeschooling. 


Tuesday, May 10, 2016


Convention season is upon us!!! 

Do you hear my scream?

I'm excited!

I love going to our state convention every year. It gives me such encouragement. Each year I've been on the blogger team I am privileged to giveaway a family registration to a reader but first I am going to tell you who I am looking forward to seeing and hearing!

The convention "Thrive" is June 2-4 in Winston-Salem. We only live a little over an hour away so we actually drive back and forth instead of paying for a room. One year we did but we would rather be in our own bed!

Each year I go through the speakers list and organize who I have interest in and highlight them so that I know what room I am looking for before the time comes.

Hubby and I separate sometimes depending on the topics and if there is something he wants to listen too as well. Yes, there are topics and speakers he enjoys too!

I am looking forward to these sessions and speakers:

Kirk Martin - Ten Ways to Stop Self Defiance, Disrespect and Meltdown

Sonya Shafer - The Quite Schooling of Nature 

Andrea Daily - High School Smorgasbord

Jessica Frierson - Resisting The Urge To Rush

Joanne Giff & Pinkney Greene - Dyslexia: Don't Be Afraid of the D word

Pamela Hall - Teaching Reading That Sticks: A Whole Brain Approach

Hal & Melanie Young - Surviving Struggling To Read

Alright - Which of those are you most looking forward too? Maybe not one of mine but another? 

Take a look at the speakers here.


Please DO NOT ENTER IF your not able to go on the given dates of the conference. 

Giveaway will end on Sunday the 15th.

Winner will be notified the following week and you will have 48 hours to respond before another winner is chosen.




Monday, May 9, 2016

Best Cleaner Ever

Several months ago I noticed a yucky film that had developed over my tub surface and I tried scrubbing with several different cleaners without any luck. 

I also started noticing a brown tint in my white ceramic sink and again I tried all kind of cleaners and ways to scrub to get it off but without any luck again.

I went to the internet for some help and luckily for me I found something I was willing to try. 

Blue Dawn and Vinegar sounds easy enough - right?

I mixed ½ cup of dawn dish washing liquid (has to be the blue from what I read and no I haven't tried the other versions) with 1 cup of warm vinegar that I heated in the microwave for about 45 to 60 seconds. 

I poured them together and went to cleaning my problem areas.

My shower floor and sides along with where my sliding doors go and my sink.

I sprayed the cleaner on the areas and allowed it to sit for about 10 minutes then I went to scrubbing and cleaning.

I was pleasantly surprised when it started coming off and looked cleaner. 

I didn’t tell hubby but man when he got in the shower that night he sure told me that it looked so good how did I finally get it clean and when I told him my mixture he just looked at me funny! 

I would love to show you a picture but honestly I am embarrassed to do so!

I love a clean house. This was a easy cheap cleaner too!

It has become a favorite in my home, I clean with it weekly. 

If you have a problem area or just need to clean healthier and smarter try my mixture!


Friday, May 6, 2016

Field Trip: Cherokee Indian Reservation

After studying Native Americans in our homeschool coop for the last 6 weeks our group decided to take a trip to...

We had a blast. Enjoyed time with friends but enjoyed learning about our heritage. We have Cherokee blood in our veins. Loved learning about the way of their life and tools. Afterwards, we enjoyed a picnic with friends and played in the creek. 

We love field trips - You?