Monday, May 16, 2016

Planning Your Children's Homeschool Day

As my children have gotten older I have learned different ways to help make it easier all around.

After all I am only one person to my three children.

I am often spread very thin.

Several years ago my oldest son, I think he was about 10 at the time approached us about giving him all his work load for the week and allowing him to complete it on his own time. While I had reservations about it, my husband told me to try it. I gathered a notebook and folder and started working on what his work load would be for the following week.

We tried this for a few weeks and found that he was still to young to get his entire work load complete on time by himself. Responsibility isn't his strong area however he was 10 too.

Fast forward a few years and I have 3 children that last year asked for the same thing again... However this time I was triple teamed!

I honestly thought it was time to try again. My days were being long and frustrating and over all I was just tired.

I prayed over the issue and asked the kids what they expected. Overall they just wanted a checklist of what was expected daily. WOOHOO - They do have my DNA after all!

That was the wonderful day that I started using just a cheap .20cent spiral bound notebook to plan my kiddos school days!

I buy several each year when they are on sale knowing the purpose is to write daily what is expected for my children's school.

The concept is the same but different for each child because of the ages.

My children love this. I love this!

It keeps them accountable for what is expected.

I sit down on Saturday at some point and do a weekly plan for each child. I write one day on each page for my smallest one but the olders have the entire week broke down daily on one page.

I am so happy we figured out a way to simplify our homeschooling. It is easier for me to plan and it's a very cheap way to keep independence going.

If your struggling to keep your sanity and have multiple children your teaching you should give this idea a try to see if it could help the direction of your homeschool.

Happy Homeschooling Friends.


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