Friday, May 13, 2016

Weekly Wrap Up 34

This week has been nice. For the last few weeks I have not had all the kiddos home at one point and time and I told them no more running for the next few weeks. 
Ya know that makes me mean - right?

Schoolwork has gotten very slow. They are each down to just a few pieces of curriculum each day. Each still have math, Bible and writing and a few different things here and there. We are trying to finish MOH 2 by the end of the month. I believe we will make it!! I already have MOH 3 to start in September!

Zachary actually finished Reading Skills 5 & All About Reading Level 2 this week!! HUGE progress and congrats are in order for that. All About Reading has been a struggle but I tell ya he done wonderful! I am so proud of his efforts.

We worked on drawing a lot this week. Each day I had a picture/item for them to draw. They enjoyed this. Next week I believe we may paint.

Ball games are almost finished and although I love baseball season I am so ready for them to be over this year. I need time and quite.

Rough week for emotions. Fostering is hard. It is not for the weak. I pray more for these families and children than I pray for my personal family. I can't stand to see what satan is getting credit for and what he is doing. It really is his job to steal, kill and destroy. Help me pray for these kids and parents that are up against so much evil.

Honestly I have had a hard time adjusting to having a baby too! I mean my baby is 12! Toys all over the house is a huge change but thank God he is giving me grace for that. I may vacuum my floor 20 times a day but that is ok. 

I have had a hard week missing our last placement. If you read my blog you know I had him for 15 months. I miss him terribly but we know that he is doing good most days and that the adoptive family is still happy to have him. Huge praise there.

Mother's Day was awesome and fun while all relaxing. I love my babies and am so thankful God blessed me with 3 of them.

Happy Homeschooling. 


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