Friday, June 10, 2016

Bedroom Update

Over the next few weeks I will be updating all the projects completed in the house. Totally slacker here... but I will get caught up sometime before I die maybe.

Over the past 4 years of living here we have redone just about everything in the house minus the kitchen and bathrooms which will come very very soon!

We bought our home as a foreclosure and moved in to update and renovate it all! That is how we had to do it because of our family and income and I tell ya I wouldn't have it any other way. Has it been crazy at times? Totally but I love the memories we are making in our forever home.

When we moved in our home our daughter ran through and picked this room first. She liked the size of the room and that it was beside our room. 

She at first picked out pink as the color and so that was what my baby girl got (remember she was 8) when we moved in. 

As she has grown into a beautiful teen girl I wanted to really redo her room just for her teen years. I talked to her about a few things about what she would like and totally designed, decorated and surprised her one day while she was gone! Needless to say she was thrilled and totally shocked at the room because it is amazing what someone can do in a day! 

I had a lot of secrets to get this room finished without her knowledge. I shopped secretly for things and loved every moment of it!

 Prepping her room for the redo!

 The lines was a huge pain but love them! Totally worth the trouble.

I selected her decor very carefully. I wanted it to embrace everything she loved but in a very simple way.

God is always first and she has several quotes around her room in varies sizes.

She loves horses. She painted the canvases you see above her bed. I wanted to display those for her. 

I wanted her to have an iron bed and the quilt just made it look beautiful and simple to me.

I bought several old pieces of furniture to redo throughout our home and she has 2 of the pieces in her room, the nightstand beside her bed cost me $10 and I distressed it and painted it with white chalk paint.

We love her teen room and it was hard work that paid off greatly for us.


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