Wednesday, August 24, 2016

8th Grade Curriculum

Time goes by so flippin' fast. Seems like just yesterday we cuddled and read all day perhaps there will still be days like that!

My baby girl is growing into a wonderful young woman and it does my heart good to see it.

This year we changed a lot of things for her. We are a more relaxed homeschool style but normally for her I only provide material because she digs deep and learns so well, you know one of those easy children lol. 

Bible life study everyday.

Math this year is Life of Fred. She struggles with math (the only subject that is a struggle) and so this year we wanted to change up her curriculum with something that would appeal to her - reading!

 WriteShop E for her writing she will be required to write all of her assignments in cursive.

 She loves science so she will read Christian Liberty Nature Reader 5 along with tons of other books and we will be doing lapbooks and notebooking with Zachary.

We will continue with Mystery of History 3.

Lexi also has a Language Fundamentals as a drill every day. 

She homesteads as electives so she will be caring for goats and we are expecting babies so that will keep her very busy. She has 30 chickens and enjoys doing things with them daily and then there is Charlie her miniature horse.

Another elective she has this year is aromatherapy and herbal study. We actually have already started this within the last month but we have a lot to learn and we are loving every moment of it.

Reading comes natural to her, she will grab a book and go outside and sit with her animals all day if able. She has lots of hero's of faith books to complete this year. 

Here is our 6th grade curriculum with our smallest. 

We start school soon - Happy Schooling!

Monday, August 8, 2016

Our 6th Grade Curriculum

My baby is in 6th grade!? 

How did that happen? 

My oh my how time flies.

Zachary has a huge struggle with writing and reading however his dyslexia has improved greatly over the last 2 years so we are going to incorporate a lot of different language options into our days.

English/Language is a great variety for two reasons. 1 to keep him from getting bored, his attention is something I struggle to keep in subjects he finds difficult and feels he can't do well and 2 I thought it was a good approach to give a well rounded curriculum for his needs. We will be using Primary Language lessons, Explode the Code and Daily Language Review.

Spelling is going to start out with Spellwell however I am very scared of not staying with All About Spelling 2 (I do currently own it as a backup) and or getting All About Reading 3 just going to leave that completely out there for when and if I change depending on the ability of my son.

Writing is going to be very relaxed for the first little while of our school year and we will be using WriteShop prompt cards. 

Math Horizons 4 (AOP)

Geography is something he requested. He will be reviewing states and capitals while discovering reading maps. 

History. We are moving right along with Mystery of History 3. Can't wait to dig in, this is actually my favorite! 

Bible is done daily before school begins because I want this to be applied to his life not to school.

Science will be a huge mix of a lesson on a different topic each week with hands on labs sprinkled here and there. More of a lapbook/notebook style this year. 

Reading will be a lot of choose your own books, they spark his interest.

Zachary will be helping with building/mowing and projects that his dad needs his help on and he will be learning cooking skills each week and preparing one meal.


Thursday, August 4, 2016

Field Trip - Creation Museum

Post 2 of 2.
Here is the first post day 1 Ark Encounter.

The trip was simply wonderful. Day 2 started off with everyone meeting for breakfast in the lobby. The hotel was a great hotel and beautiful view of Cincinnati.

We arrived at the Creation Museum at 10 when we thought it opened however it had been opened for an hour at that point (website was wrong).

My beautiful babies.

 Sad but true.

 What a wonderful thought - right?

Loved the scenes between Adam & Eve. I also loved the serpent hanging over them in the water picture. You can't really see it because the room was darker but he was beautifully created.

Creation Museum was a great visit. I do wish I could have went through it again but our group was ready to go. The first time was crowded. The museum took us about 4 hours. They also have a petting zoo that our kids visited they was disappointed they couldn't touch the coolest 2.

We had a smooth trip back home and I must say I am thankful for the trip!


Monday, August 1, 2016

Field Trip - Ark Encounter

POST 1 of 2

This was a youth trip I organized and there was 22 of us on the trip. My family had a wonderful time and really enjoyed every moment of this trip.

The trip took us 8 hours. We arrived Thursday around 430 to enjoy the Ark our first day. The visit lasted about 4 hours then off to the room and eat.

 You could stand at the bottom and look all the way to the top! Incredible.

 My handsome boys.

 The doors were huge, I mean H U G E! 

 This scroll case was one of the most beautiful pieces that I saw. The detail on it was just simply beautiful.

The Ark Encounter was a great trip.

 I have to be honest that children under 10 may not really get the full details that us adults will get while visiting. I know a seed can be planted for the smaller ones but with our group I could tell that age group struggled to pay attention and understand a lot of what was saw. 

The Ark was overwhelming with size and the processing of  thinking how Noah really built this with his bare hands.

Inside was wonderfully laid out and every inch of space was used to house something important.

The way the water was supplied was simply brilliant.

Awesome trip!