Monday, August 1, 2016

Field Trip - Ark Encounter

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This was a youth trip I organized and there was 22 of us on the trip. My family had a wonderful time and really enjoyed every moment of this trip.

The trip took us 8 hours. We arrived Thursday around 430 to enjoy the Ark our first day. The visit lasted about 4 hours then off to the room and eat.

 You could stand at the bottom and look all the way to the top! Incredible.

 My handsome boys.

 The doors were huge, I mean H U G E! 

 This scroll case was one of the most beautiful pieces that I saw. The detail on it was just simply beautiful.

The Ark Encounter was a great trip.

 I have to be honest that children under 10 may not really get the full details that us adults will get while visiting. I know a seed can be planted for the smaller ones but with our group I could tell that age group struggled to pay attention and understand a lot of what was saw. 

The Ark was overwhelming with size and the processing of  thinking how Noah really built this with his bare hands.

Inside was wonderfully laid out and every inch of space was used to house something important.

The way the water was supplied was simply brilliant.

Awesome trip!


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