Thursday, August 4, 2016

Field Trip - Creation Museum

Post 2 of 2.
Here is the first post day 1 Ark Encounter.

The trip was simply wonderful. Day 2 started off with everyone meeting for breakfast in the lobby. The hotel was a great hotel and beautiful view of Cincinnati.

We arrived at the Creation Museum at 10 when we thought it opened however it had been opened for an hour at that point (website was wrong).

My beautiful babies.

 Sad but true.

 What a wonderful thought - right?

Loved the scenes between Adam & Eve. I also loved the serpent hanging over them in the water picture. You can't really see it because the room was darker but he was beautifully created.

Creation Museum was a great visit. I do wish I could have went through it again but our group was ready to go. The first time was crowded. The museum took us about 4 hours. They also have a petting zoo that our kids visited they was disappointed they couldn't touch the coolest 2.

We had a smooth trip back home and I must say I am thankful for the trip!


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