Thursday, September 15, 2016

11th Grade Curriculum

As life would have it I haven't blogged about what he is using but we are in week 3 of homeschooling for the year! Funny to me but again that is just how life is here, sometimes I have time to blog and sometimes I do not.

This year is year 12 of homeschooling my boy. I can't believe we are in 11th grade and I also can't believe that last month he got his license to drive! Where oh where has the time gone?

This year we are balancing a lot for him, he works has friends and volunteers at the food pantry.

Math this year is Math U See Stewardship. He had a lot of issues with Algebra 1 and we just didn't feel that it would benefit his career path to continue with Algebra 2 at this point. We are really loving that this is real math for him to apply in his life RIGHT NOW and I also love that it has a devotion with each lesson.

Daily Grammar is enough for us at this point (I ran across grade 10 for $2 and since we could care less about grade level here I bought it for the price). Simple to the point and just keeps him brushed up on his skills.

Economics is an elective this year and goes along with his Stewardship very well.

Forensics is his science of choice. We dug hard over the summer to decide and find something that wasn't within the norm. I tried to get him enrolled in an online class but the money was very big and we decided to keep looking and found a free curriculum provided by Easy Peasy!

Movie Lit is a very cool find through out the Summer as I was digging for those not normal curriculum's. Movie Lit is basically the wonderful literature choices that every teen/adult needs to be exposed to and understand but in the form of watching movies!! Let's just face it every teen and every boy just simply isn't a reader and my teen son certainly is NOT a reader, never has been and never really will be so I wanted the ability to still expose him to the great content of great literature but with his style. Movie Lit also incorporates writing so not only is this literature but also writing! Review of this will be coming after Christmas.

History has moved along to Mystery of History 3. I love MOH! He isn't doing the coloring pages because he is older than my others but he is keeping a notebook timeline of each lesson.

Reading is very minimal for Kyle but right now he is reading Ben Carson and Don't Know Much About American History.

He normally works 15-25 hours a week.

Volunteers every Thursday for the food pantry.

Helps with any neighbor that needs odd jobs completed or elderly that are at the food pantry.

He helps with the farm animals daily.

I'm so proud of my growing adult, he is a great young man.


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