Monday, September 19, 2016

DIY: Muscle Rub

You don't have to be old to need muscle rub, my precious daughter has figured that out! 

For months (13 to be exact) we have battled a very bad sprained ankle, many x-rays and an MRI later we were told she tore 2 ligaments and that her pain would not decrease and she would possibly benefit from physical therapy and other than that there really wasn't anything that could be done... yeah. 

So, what does a mother do when she sees her babies in pain? She finds a way to help them. We have tried many, many things and along with physical therapy she has improved greatly so far. She still has a long way to go but this rub helps ease her pain daily.

The rub is also helping my husband who has plantar fasciitis. He is on his feet a lot and walks miles and miles a day so after work he comes in showers and takes out this muscle rub. He applies it and then puts on his socks.

Why did I choose this combination for my Muscle Rub?

Lemongrass essential oil is highly recommended widely for helping aid in healing of ligaments. It is to help it heal faster while also helping with muscle pain and stiffness.

Clove essential oil helps to relieve pain that was my number one reason for incorporating it into my blend. It also helps speed the healing process up and ease pain.

Relaxation is a blend from Edens Garden that helps reduce anxiety and when my family is hurting and in pain you know that you have anxiety running wild.

All together we have found this combination works very well for our ailments. 

Here is how I make it but first a word of caution! I am not a registered ANYTHING, I made this for my family and it has helped greatly. Research your own reasons and understand that there are some limitations to the oils such as clove isn't recommended for children under 6...


Coconut Oil
Lemongrass EO
Clove EO
Relaxation EO

Melt the coconut oil down, you can do so a variety of ways. I melted 3.5 oz. Once melted and cooled down some I added 7 drops of Clove, 12 drops Lemongrass and 5 of Relaxation. I stirred with a popsicle stick to incorporate and allowed to cool uncovered for 12 hours. I then placed the lid on top of my jar and we were able to started using.

My guys just remove the lid place their fingers inside and get some on the tips of their fingers and massage into their place of choice. My daughter applies a warm rice sock a lot after she massages this into her ankle area.

My smallest son grabbed some the other day for his back hurting and like magic a few hours later he was good to go again!


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