Friday, September 9, 2016

Weekly Wrap Up 2

Monday we took an unconventional way about schooling. After all that is the AWESOME THING ABOUT HOMESCHOOLING - FREEDOM. We built bookcases for daddy's new study. Since we are no longer fostering children we turned the room into a great study for daddy (and can serve as a guest room). We gathered supplies for a few weeks from place to place and I had a vision in my head but Monday after daddy left for work we started putting it all together. It turned out to be a great room for him. He was so happy that we done all the work and he just got to enjoy! We had some funny and stressful moments with the room but overall we made wonderful memories putting together that room.

 Monday Alexis also got a new friend,  meet Ruby! She is a registered Jersey Wooly. She is very sweet.

Tuesday we enjoyed regular school and actually had a very short day even after we added some extra to our day.

Wednesday was grocery store day and we ended up having lunch out, which we never do! Schooling was done mostly in the evening this day but we had fun getting back into a routine. Zachary also purchased a new cowboy hat and he looks so cute in it!

Thursday was a family fun day we had planned for months. This was a celebration for all 3 kids birthdays. We went tubing down the French Broad for 5 hours! Yes 5 hours! Then we went to eat at the Japanese Steakhouse for the first time as a family. We enjoyed it greatly. Then we drove on up to Mount Mitchell and watched the sun set. It was beautiful and cold! It dropped 26 degrees!

Friday is science day in our homeschooling. We do other school but we really focus on science this day. We learned about reptiles as our topic. 

Have a wonderful weekend!

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