Monday, November 28, 2016

First Half of the School Year Wrapped Up...

I can't believe in just a few weeks we will be half way through our schooling year. For us we only have about 2 weeks left of school for the year then the new year is a different story!

This school year has been very different for a few reasons

- Hubby/Daddy is home more - a lot more and that throws the kids into a whole nother world...

- No more fostering for our family so we have a good routine most days

- We are keeping my cousins daughter daily so that has been an adjustment

- The kids are older this year and able to work mostly independently

Here is a break down of what we are currently using and how it is going:

Zachary has been doing really good in reading and language where his struggles always lie. From the beginning of the year the only curriculum change has been taking out Primary Language Lessons and going ahead and adding in All About Spelling level 2. I had a thought I would have to do that and sure enough I did. I need to work on cursive more with him. Some days his dyslexia really causes him to struggle. We have started an omega complex supplement in hopes that those studies are going to prove correct for us!

Lexi actually has dropped 2 pieces of curriculum this year, WriteShop and her language. Actually I dropped her language it made me mad one day while checking and explaining things to her so I told her it was gone. Writeshop honestly is my fault too - Lazy I guess but we just found a different way that worked for us but may try it again after our Christmas break. She is in love with Life of Fred and actually this week finished her first book of the year!! She is learning a lot in her aromatherapy and herbal studies and we have made many things that are awesome!

Kyle is a hard worker and I am super glad because with his job and school it has been a challenge. I have had a hard time allowing him to balance it but I knew it was something I had to step to the side and allow. Math U See Stewardship is wonderful, I can not brag enough about it. Real life math right there! He completed his Economics course a few weeks ago and after the first of the year we will add in another elective. Forensics is a free course but man is he in love with it! I think it may be his favorite study yet. Movie Lit has also been another huge win for us this year, making a movie easier to watch for a teen boy who isn't interested in reading but can still get exposure is great.

My parents moved so that has been an interesting change. They visit about every 2/3 weeks and stay several days. I love seeing them but we just put school on the back burner while they are here. We may need a better plan.

Hubby and I are good, it has been a huge adjustment with him being home daily into our routine. He is preaching a lot and I'm flipping furniture a lot!


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