Thursday, December 8, 2016

Trip to Ohio

A few months ago my parents and brother moved to Ohio. We had been trying to find a time to get there to visit before they started getting really bad weather, as luck would have it - we worked out a time and was able to surprise at least one of my parents with our arrival!!

 The trip was super long going - almost 10 and a half hours between stopping and the awful rain!

 While visiting we had our Christmas together as a family, only missing one. We surprised my momma with a farm table perfectly custom for her kitchen! Kevin done a great job with it I think.

While there they took us visiting all the neat places around. They are located around some wonderful Amish stores and I loved them. We also made a trip to Lake Erie! It was super cold. We got out and looked quickly around and snapped this picture and hurried back to the truck! 

We enjoyed our trip. The trip home was rainy too but only took 9 hours. We look forward to going back sometime in the Spring.


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