Friday, December 9, 2016

Weekly Wrap Up 15

We had our trip to Ohio last week and got back home Sunday evening. I was determined to have some what of a routine for this week and honestly we did really good. We have a very odd schedule the rest of the month which will mean little to no schooling - BREAK TIME!

Hubby bought me the cutest shirt!! I love and decorate with mason jars everywhere so it was only fitting.

Simply put - She is weird, lol! 

I wanted a journal Bible and was able to get a great deal on this KJV Bible through Amazon, they had a great coupon! 

We use a super tonic for our health through out the year and we where very low, so the kiddos made a new batch with my supervision. It sits out for 4 weeks before we use it.

Kyle was watching Hamlet for MovieLit and let's just say he wasn't a fan, lol... He feel over and said " Oh my gosh DIE ALREADY" and feel over on the couch! Lexi and I busted out laughing while in the kitchen.

Mom and Dad bought me an instapot for my Christmas and oh my gosh, I believe I am in love. I can cook so many things in the pot and it saves me SO MUCH TIME! Simply put - I wanted to long to have one so if you don't have one and cook a lot like I do, BUY ONE NOW.

Even trying to stay on schedule this week we made time to play PayDay! Board games are soothing to my soul. 

Kyle was able to finish his forensics unit on fingerprints too!

We destroyed the kiddos bathroom finally!! I know it's not normal to be that happy with destroying something but you have no idea how long I have waited for that bathroom to be redone! We have even had the items to redo it with for several months! It is the bathroom that all our guests use when they visit and it looked old and outdated. It isn't finished yet but wait for it guys! It's going to be great.


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