Friday, January 6, 2017

Weekly Wrap Up 19

This is the first week of school since the second week of December. So obviously you know that means it was rough! LOL...

The older they get the less rough it actually is and I've come to a conclusion that it is mostly me that has a harder time adjusting back into things... but we will not speak of that again.

 Lexi was very glad to be home and I believe Calvin was happy too!

 Dad and Zachary have had a little to much fun with those boxing gloves.
Happy New Year! We watched a movie and played games... I love that tradition however the older I get the more I just want to go to bed at 10.

We have a lot of items on our to do list this month for finishing all the odd and end projects. I am very happy to say we are not even half way through the month and all but 5 items are marked off!

 First day back to school and this was the aftermath... All of them pilled on the couch watching Star Wars.

 Kyle's first ball game of the season.

 Last but not least Happy Birthday to my boy! Someone had a great birthday this week.


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