Wednesday, March 1, 2017

February Round Up

February has been a very hard month, good thing January was good.

Each child has been gone on a trip at different times for a week each. Alexis went to Memphis with her friend that is fighting cancer and was getting treatments. Kyle left with my parents to Ohio and Zachary did the same on a different week. 

Y'all know my ocd/planner self has had a major issues with not being on a routine. 

This last week of February has been great, kids know they are not allowed any other vacation time until July. Schedules and school has gotten back on track great.

The twins we are fostering have been super sweet blessings. They are leaving at the end of the month and we are so sad but know we helped them greatly! We will miss them but know God is going to send us more precious babies to help and maybe soon he will send us some we can adopt.

Kevin is also now a Pastor!! 

Feeling pretty!?

 Love my THM lifestyle.

 Zachary finished All About Spelling 2 - WOOHOO!

Bought some baby items for our stash at a great consignment sale.

Super Bowl!!!

 My boy.

 I can't believe how big my baby is - driving, working and sarcastic shirt...

 I just had to share this because I saved it and sent it to my husband, LMBO!


Valentines Day with my life long love.

 Made bow ties for my little man to wear to church on his onesies.

 Enjoyed a Valentines lunch with my hubby.

 Kyle took me out on a date - He even paid for it. I love our one on one time with my kids.

 Lexi did a wonderful job on her art project.

Mom and dad visiting! We enjoyed our short time.

 I've been wanting a new bedspread and here it is!

Hope y'all had a great Valentine's Day and spread God's love to others!

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