Saturday, April 29, 2017

April Wrap Up

We are wrapping some schooling up early! Makes me happy - it's a sweet reward for hard work through the winter.

My dad came in from Ohio for a few days and guess what...

We followed him back!! We made a short 3 day trip to spend time with my mom and dad since they can't ever come together. We had horrible weather but during a small break in it I allowed Kyle to drive.

 Our church collected flowers for a local children's home, I was so happy to deliver them!

Lexi completed her second Life Of Fred book for the year! NO MORE MATH!!! 

Lexi and her daddy filled the dehydrator up and enjoyed eating all the fruit. 

The kiddos doing school one day all at the table... its rare they are all at the table.

The babies got a new outside table... very happy with it! They love having picnics!


 Both kiddos flock to Kyle, they love him so much.

Happy Easter from our family to yours!

 So it begins... Baseball!

Made some awesome new Trim Healthy Mama snacks to help me eat every 3 hours.

 Lexi and I enjoyed a dreamsicle smoothie.

Then someone stole it!!

 Look how sweet.

 Kyle took me to eat for a date. I'm a lucky momma.

Alexis has been asking for Chacos for over a year and finally with some money saving skills I was able to get her a new pair and me a used pair for under a hundred bucks!

Someone likes to ride her trike in the house.

My guys looked wonderful. 

We have a special place we love to go after a long week and this is Zac enjoying his treat, after a long game that we won.


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