Saturday, April 29, 2017

March Round Up

Hello March! 
I love Spring and I am so happy this month is finally here.

My daughter hates math and I just had to show this to her when I found it!

 Some new curriculum for us. Zachary is moving on to All About Spelling 3. Alexis is almost finished with her second Life of Fred book for the year and we thought we would try Charlotte Mason's approach to math!

Friends are moving and we had the pleasure of having them over one last time.

 Additional work but finally finally done!!

 Art project with the kiddos, simple and fun!

 We have two sweet additions!

 Mr. Working man had an assignment due and was working on it late the night it was due... at least it got done!

Hubby made this great baby gate for me so that it matched everything in the house.

We had a lunch date! Love my man.

Waiting on Zachary at ball practice.

Shopping with a toddler is something I haven't had the pleasure of doing in a while, he said " I think I can like those." I picked them up and got them along with some plastic eggs for Easter.

 Lexi playing on toys that are NOT age appropriate.

Lexi putting her skills to good use making our birthday babies cakes.
One dinosaur and one Minne Mouse.

 My momma came to visit and got me my favorite flowers.

Having toddlers in the house has surely been different!

Lexi giving her presentation about an explorer at Coop.

We had a sweet friend gift us with a trip to the Biltmore and we loved every moment of it.

Hope you had a wonderful March!


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