Thursday, June 8, 2017

May Round Up

May was a good month. We finished up so much school that only three items are not finished. Every one of the kiddos have literature to finish...

I'm looking forward to a break! We normally school year round but with the kids older we have decided we will take a few months off and start back the first of August.

This school year has been a struggle so we are all ready for SUMMER.

Having toddlers is interesting let's just leave it at that...

 Y'all know I love my low carb trim healthy mama lifestyle by now right... Well here was a mocha I whipped up.
 Took my mom to the Biltmore House for her Mother's Day gift.

 Sweet Lexi finally got her husky!! 

 Lex and I went to get a manicure and pedicure for the first time in years. We enjoyed every moment of it.

 After a long hard day at work look what my sweet child brought in to me for Mother's Day.

 Kevin and I on a date night for ice cream!

 Look at that farmer's tan!! He uses sun screen and this is still what happens after 2 years of working outside.

Best dessert I've made to date happened recently! 
Briana Thomas's chocolate cake doughnuts and a low carb cheesecake that finally got the texture right! I was beginning to think I would never find a cheesecake to satisfy me again until this one... Try # 9 finally got it!

My oldest has been sick with a tick bite!
 We got new hair!

 Started a new book!

We went bowling and had a fun time making fun of each other.

My awesome pitcher! He also got a homerun that game!

Memorial Day gave us some family time to enjoy each other and the pool for the first time this year.


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