Thursday, September 6, 2018

Gardening Elective { highschool homeschool }

Just have to take a moment to brag on Zachary.

Momma's need to let their children explore their passions, this is one of those examples. I talked in a different post about letting your high schoolers find creative electives - This would be one of those electives we count.

Zachary loves working outside doing anything. 

We have always planted a garden but my husband hasn't been able to help very much with it the last 2 years so we wasn't going to plant one this year. Zachary took that as a challenge to do it himself. 

Guess what - HE DID.

He tilled the ground by himself.
Planted everything by himself.
He has tended the weeds off and fertilized as needed himself. 

AND this was his first of many harvest to come from his beautiful garden. 

I'm a proud momma.


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