Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Our Homeschool Class Ring

Obviously, when you homeschool  you want your children to have similar experiences in school as public school.

High school experiences I automatically think of:


When I began homeschooling high school I racked my brain on how to keep our eclectic style of learning going for high school topics. Over all I believe I adjusted for our oldest very well.

He participated in prom 2 years although he didn't really want too but I really craved for him to enjoy it. He doesn't enjoy dancing but loved the silliness which is totally him. 

Class ring was where I racked my brain. I didn't want it to be a normal ring. I wanted it to be custom to him and our homeschool journey. I looked online lots and done lots of browsing. Finally deciding on a christian ring that we thought suited him to a t.

It has a bible verse which is one of his favorites. 

We sat him down without him knowing what was going on and talked about our homeschooling thus far. His experiences and how he had grown in knowledge generally and in the Lord and presented him his "class ring".

He wears it a lot and that makes me very happy! 

Just because we homeschool doesn't mean our children miss out on a single experience! 

Keep going homeschool mama!


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