About Me

My name is Kayla, "The Zookeeper" and I am a homeschool mother, child of God, homemaker, chef, maid, teacher, drill sergeant, referee, daughter, sister, aunt, and wife. Yes that's all, or at least right now! I could eat pizza and cheesecake daily. I have a passion for making soy candles and soaps, however I'm on "vacation". I have made products for 5 years and love it, can't wait to start up again! Black is my color. Essential oils are L I F E.

Now to homeschooling, we have 3 children ages 9, 11and 14. We have learned and changed so very much since the first day we started. 

DS1 was enrolled in public school for 3 weeks but after many issues we removed and began homeschooling, for some reason I had a pull to keep him home with me feeling it was the best place for him. It took years to understand but I finally did understand that it was God's Plan for our family. It may of not started that way but he led me to see it after I gave my life fully to him. DS1 loves anything hands on, he likes science and space topics. DS1 has CAPD (children's auditory processing disorder) and PKU(Phenylketonuria) which limits his protein intake. His diet is extremely important, if this wasn't detected at the new born screening he would have been totally brain dead by age 1.  

Then along came DD she has been very eager since the day she started in prek, she loves reading and is a delight to teach. She has learned sign language because of speech issues, she no longer has to sign. She loves to read and can do a wonderful job, she loves to write even though she knows she needs help with her final draft. Animals is a passion she has. She doesn't mind if they are slimy or wiggly or furry. Which I mind but whatever! We encourage them to do all things no matter what the hold up could be. 

We now come to DS2, he is my little comedian or class clown however you would like to put it. He loves tractors and farming. He is a real worker! He loves addition. He doesn't like reading, he is struggling with this but hopefully we will make it through. He enjoys anything hands on as well. Both my boys are almost identical. 

We have used many different publishers threw the years and we like it eclectic!! My children can not possibly be taught successfully from a "box". Just impossible here. 

I review for The Schoolhouse Crew. This is my fourth year and I love the blessings it brings into my home.

I also have worked from home as a virtual assistant with a special company for over 4 years and when we moved 2 years ago I had to stop simply because my internet wasn't compatible with their call system. I have since sought employment outside of the home for the first time in 12 years!! I enjoy working however I pray that the Lord will lead me to an opportunity to come back home.

My husband and I have been married for 14 years. He is a blessing from God to me and my children. He loves me deeply and I can feel it. We have had issues just like every other couple that married young but thankfully the Lord placed us on the same page in the same book. He is in school learning more about the gospel of Jesus because 2 years ago God called him to preach. He fills in often at area churches. He loves to cuddle and we enjoy watching basketball together. GO HEELS!!! 

My favorite quotes are: 

I haven't stopped looking for the good in people. I've just accepted the fact, that I'm not always going to find it...

All things are possible if you believe... Mark 9:23